Thursday, 21 March 2013

Harry Andrews

If there's any silver lining shining through the current economic cloud, it's that people have finally recognised the importance of manufacturing. Business has been brisk at Chelker for the past two years, and that's because most of our customers are also extremely busy with manufacturing projects that need our design engineering experience.

A looming problem is that too few youngsters are entering engineering as a career, and as the sector grows we are going to need fresh talent. Since our last blog post, we have had two more work experience teenagers; Faye Hammer from Westholme School in Blackburn, and just last week Harry Andrews from Ermysted's in Skipton. Both enjoyed learning the intricacies of SolidWorks. Both were very bright and enthusiastic about careers in product design and engineering. It was a pleasure to have them here.


Here is Harry's take on his week;

For my weeks work experience placement I have been at Chelker Technology Ltd. It has been a really interesting and enjoyable experience. It has been a really good opportunity for me to get out into the workplace and experience it first hand. As well as learning about the workplace I have also picked up some key knowledge about engineering and design and also the precision needed when designing a product/machine, whilst on placement I have learnt about many features and things to look out for when designing. I have also been doing some design work of my own using solidworks, a CAD program. I have learnt how to make designs better by using evaluation and analysis. I have seen all the precise and accurate planning and discussion that goes on whilst designing a product, and think that I may decide to enter the world of design as a future career. I don’t want to leave!

Many thanks to Neil, John and Mark for making this experience so enjoyable!


Harry's coffee table ResMat project

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