Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Create 3D Photographs

Chelker are proud to be associated with Create3D, a technology company who have developed a system for 3D photography which uses a normal digital camera. Chelker have designed and manufactured the first batch of PhotoScanner units which are the platform for the camera.

The PhotoScanner works by moving the camera along a linear track under computer control, programmed from a handheld computer via a Bluetooth link. The camera trigger is fired electronically during a scan run, ensuring that images are captured at the right point, with a linear resolution of 0.1mm.
Once the images are captured they are uploaded to Create3D, who print them using a special process which results in a 3D photograph. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is not capable of displaying the images as it is in boring old 2D, but the results are amazingly Harry Potteresque i.e. appear to be magic. No special glasses are required, the result is 3D like a hologram, and the technique can be used for portraits, landscapes, still life, advertising, in fact anything you might like to take pictures of.
From an engineering viewpoint, the project was very interesting, incorporating extrusions, PLC programming, microprocessor boards, Bluetooth serial comms, and stepper motor drive systems. The end result is a smoothly sexy strokable piece of high tech photographic kit.

Create3D are looking for professional photographers as partners to make the technology available throughout the UK and worldwide.

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