Monday, 20 July 2009

Chris Kempster

Chris is a pupil of South Craven School and we were very happy to have him for a week of work experience. Chris is interested in Engineering as a career and we think he would be well suited to it. Here is his own report on his experience;

"I enjoyed my stay at Chelker Technology, experiencing what it is like in the world of work. I have found that designing engineering is very hard, I’ve been designing hinges which I found a challenge whereas Chelker are designing stuff that is a lot more complex. I have learnt that designing in engineering is just as important as the manufacturing because if it's not planned out correctly, chances are it won't function properly further on processing and I have also learnt that lengths (dimensions) need to be very precise. I think that from doing my work experience here that I have decided that engineering isn’t a bad job and could well take it up in the future."

South Craven School is a local Technology and Engineering College

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Excellent assessment of the engineering scope by somebody so young.