Friday, 19 October 2007

Wet Weekend Walk!

12th February 2007

The Chelker team's weekend walking trip - Neil, Kristoff, Justina, Catherine & Martin
Sunday 11th February 2007
As we reached Clapham a strategic decision was made to not "do" Ingleborough. The rain and mist was such that we couldn't even see low hills in the dale. With the volume of water dropping from the sky and the likelyhood of melt water from the weeks snowfalls, it seemed like the ideal day to look at waterfalls!
The becks were indeed in full spate and the falls at Ingleton were spectacular, with Thornton Force thundering as we climbed behind it (& got soaked). The rain, however, held off throughout our walk. We even got a bit of unexpected sun and blue skies as we returned past Beezley Falls, together with a nice view of the mountain (although we never saw the actual top).
Tagged on to our waterfalls walk was a round trip of Kingsdale, taking in a gawp at Rowten Pot, Jingling Hole and Yordas Cave. Some impromptu cave exploration of the small passageways around Rowten was also a lot of fun, especially using just the LED light from a mobile phone to show the way, and the waterfall in Yordas was impressive (and wet).

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